Here is the How It Works
how it works: step 1
1. Log In
Log in to your account before you begin shopping
how it works: step 2
2. Shop online
Click through and shop with our selected brands
how it works: step 3
3. Earn Points
Collect up to 377 Points for every $10 you spend
  1. Log in

    Log in to Meliá using your Meliá Account details before you begin your shopping journey with MeliáRewards Shopping merchants. If you have not logged in, you may browse the website and you will be prompted to log in to your Account when you choose to shop with our merchants.

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  2. Shop Online

    You can choose from a variety of merchants to earn Points for shopping, dining, grocery, health and beauty, leisure and entertainment, sports and more. Upon selecting the merchant you will be redirected to the merchant website to browse and complete your purchase. Your purchases will be tracked automatically via cookies to calculate how many Points you’ll earn.

  3. Earn Points

    Upon successful completion of your purchase with the merchant, your Points will appear in the My Purchases section as ‘Pending’ within 5 working days. If you don’t see the ‘Pending’ transaction, please contact us within 60 days. Points will be credited to your Account once purchase is approved by respective merchant and the status will be changed to ‘Approved’. This typically takes up to 45 days, but may take longer depending on the merchant. If a transaction is in the process of being refunded or payment is not successful, the respective merchant will not approve the purchase and the corresponding Points will not be credited. If the transaction is approved by the merchant, you'll receive an approval email from MeliáRewards Shopping support. Your Points status can be viewed in your "transaction history".

Important Information:

Enable your Internet browser cookies to be sure your Points are awarded to your Account.

Cookies are used to track your path from MeliáRewards Shopping to the merchant’s website and enable us to allocate the Points you’ll earn from your purchase to your account. For more information on cookies click here.