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For almost one hundred years Humbrol has been producing superior quality paints. During that time Humbrol has become perhaps the best-known name in the modelling field and has established a world-wide reputation for excellence. Founded in 1919 as the Humber Oil Company, Humbrol initially supplied bicycle oil for Hull's growing army of cyclists. In 1935, however, the company was asked to produce paints for renovating cycles, and came up with Art Enamel. At first only black was available, but demand for other colours rapidly followed, and two years later a range of twelve colours was launched. These came in 'tinlets' sufficient to repaint a complete cycle frame and mudguards - and all for just sixpence! That emphasis on value was to become a central feature of Humbrol’s operations, and remains so to this day.

The increasing popularity of DIY provided a further challenge, and in 1965 Humbrol launched a range of paints and adhesives created specifically for this market. These were followed, in the seventies, by the introduction of artist’s brushes, and modelling craft tools. Additionally, the number of shades in the standard colour range tinlets rose to 80, and has subsequently risen to its present total of 171.
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